Manufacturer, refurbished and sealed master carton stock available for immediate despatch.

With our large supply chain of national and international suppliers including Networks and Manufacturers we have extensive stock available for resale and distribution, from brand new multi carton stock to in house accredited refurbished devices. All refurbished devices undergo our stringent testing program before being resold so you can be assured the device received is indistinguishable from new. MTR prides itself in its excellence in this field having benefited from over 15 years experience within the service and repair network.

At MTR we are always looking to source stock to buy. From brand new multi carton stock to 14 day devices and BER salvage. If super fast disposal with excellent value and same day payment is something you require please contact one of our purchasing team.


Industry leaders for Samsung accredited refurbished Devices.

As MTR have held a Samsung accreditation within our group since 2005, we have extensive knowledge of the brand and its workings allowing us to supply some of the best OEM refurbished devices in the industry. This is a testament to itself having supplied over 50000 devices to the UK and European insurance industry in 2015.

All Samsung devices are refurbished in house by our team of accredited engineers. Prior to leaving our premises every device is extensively tested and quality checked to ensure it is comparable with new when it arrives with our customer. All handsets are supplied with a return to base warranty and we pride ourselves on having a documented fallout ratio of under 3%. MTR can also supply refurbished devices fully boxed and kitted providing a huge cost saving over new.


Pick, pack and despatch services with seamless integration.

MTR prides itself on having one of the most efficient pick, pack and despatch operations within the industry. Currently serving in excess of 5000 despatches per month. We can offer 7 day service and delivery, late cut off times and with our own custom built system Halo, we can offer seamless integration into your current systems along with full custom development to meet your requirements.

  • Cutting edge processes meaning devices are touched less providing cost savings.
  • Your own personalised branded packaging sourced from industry leaders at highy discounted rates.
  • Device rebranding and configuration all done in house.
  • Real time order processing with full transparency and visabilty from remote portal accessable from anywhere 24/7.
  • Up front pricing with no hidden fees.

Providing a competitive edge to your business is how MTR measures its own success with the first class service it offers.

  • Detailed returns proccessing with full reporting.
  • Completely customisable integration with your own branded despatch notes and reports.
  • Amazon, ebay and white label Etailer website integration.
  • 24/7 Help and support.


Repair centre for all manufacturers with Samsung accreditation.

As MTRs core is repair and refurbishment, we are able to undertake repairs for all manufacturers. MTR has extensive manufacturer relationships and all parts sourced for repairs are genuine new OEM. So you can be assured your device will be returned, fully functional and as it left the factory.

All repairs are fully documented for complete transparency. Repair progress can be checked by way of remote login to Halo allowing real time updates.

  • Genuine OEM parts used for all repairs.
  • Fully trained accredited engineers.
  • Same day repair quoting.
  • Full reconfigure services offered at time of repair.
  • Imagery provided for auditing purposes.


Intelligent data destruction for mobile devices and tablets.

Working closely with BlackBelt Smartphone Defence, MTR is able to offer complete certified data cleardown services for all mobile devices and tablets. Thanks to the extensive development integrating our system into this, no device is able to leave our premises without having a pass certificate generated, making our process one of the most secure data clear downs within the industry.

MTRs intelligent data clear down also allows for BER devices usually destined for the shredder a new lease of life.

In our case studies, we have shown significant uplift and value add to our customers through our salvage recovery programs.

  • Secure data cleardown post rework.
  • Asset strip and recovery of parts and LCDs for maximum return.
  • Fixed monthly prices for BER devices.
  • LCD resale and auction via our own online auction with full transparency and visibility.
  • Intelligent device destruction for non successful data cleardown.


Intelligent BER and salvage recovery.

With MTRs extensive technical knowledge, our BER and salvage recovery program allows for value add for devices usually sent for destruction.

Devices are reworked to a power on state and all data securely destroyed allowing them to be either resold or sent for refurbishment.

MTRs intelligent BER and salvage recovery can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Devices that successfully pass the secure data cleardown can either be resold complete, sent for refurbishent or harvested for parts and these resold.

  • Segregation of devices that would prove profitable after process.
  • Strip and resale of LCDs through MTR auction for maximum return and uplift.
  • Fixed price monthly matrix for resale of successful devices.
  • Complete transparency through Halo and personalised login.
  • Parts harvesting for unsuccessful devices.


Resale of devices through E-commerce.

To further enhance the services that MTR offers, we can also resell devices through our successful online Etailer site. Adding additional uplift and giving a higher return for devices that just fall short of being cosmetically pristine.

Devices that do not quite pass the grade for our pristine insurance channels but do not warrant a full refurbishment are sold on via our online E-commerce channel to the end consumer. 


Secure certified destruction.

Secure destruction for all of your end of life devices that have very little or no resale value can also be carried out in house with a certificate of destruction issued to make sure compliance is met within the WEEE Directive.